20 years of experience in R&D
and manufacturing of materials
and chemicals for oil-and-gas
and mining industries
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Contract Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing
OOO NPO ReaSib focuses on contract manufacturing of chemical products. We have all the materials and equipment and engineering capabilities in place to organize contract manufacturing according to customer technical assignment in large industrial volumes и or in small batches. Manufacturing capacity is 500 tons /month. The company's quality system ensures full compliance with the technological cycle in accordance with customer requirements.
Research and manufacturing group ReaSib has been producing chemicals for over 20 years. We offer custom contract manufacturing of the following: corrosion coatings and materials, demulsifying chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, wax inhibitors, paints and varnishes, oilfield chemistry, dedusting chemicals.
Contract manufacturing of industrial chemicals, including specialty liquids and solvents, chemicals for oil extraction.
The manufacturing complex includes an R&D center and a certified industrial laboratory. We carry out processing, tolling of chemical products, contract production of solvents.
Our assets include industrial areas of 1000m2, warehouses, various processing facilities, including vessel equipment of 200m3, reactors of 20m3 with different types of agitators, imported pumping equipment, DCS, a water conditioning unit, and a spur track.
We are developers and manufacturers of specialty chemical products.
Generation of new recipes, selection and search of the ingredients and the constituents of the best quality are our professional and creative objectives.
Our clients can order services of contract manufacturing starting at any stage.