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Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 horizon RS–201

Drilling mud lubricant ST–7 horizon RS–201

Lubricating additive for water-based drilling muds RS-201 (horizon ST-7) is designed to be used in fresh, saline, and inhibited drilling fluids when drilling long, directional, and horizontal sections of oil and gas wells on land and at sea. Consists of fatty acid esters. Resistant to calcium aggression, does not cause foaming, even at elevated pH. Does not contain mineral oils and bitumen. Has an increased lubricating effect in the drilling tool-borehole wall system.

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Scope of use and application
RS-201 is highly effective for well-sinking in difficult geologic and technical conditions, optimum concentration of the lubricant to effectively reduce friction coefficient starts at 1% and depends on the type of the drilling mud, stage and technology of drilling.
RS-201 does not contain mineral impurities and does not create an interfering hydrocarbon background during gas logging. Fully biodegradable.
Toxicity and handling requirements
Lubricating additive for drilling fluids RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) is not dangerous and non-toxic, meets sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations. At the same time, in terms of the degree of impact on the human body, it corresponds to GOST 12.1.007 and belongs to the 4th class of hazard and toxicity (low-hazard substances). Lubricating additive for drilling fluids RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) is classified as low combustible product. The flashpoint is higher than 200 ° C in accordance with GOST 4333. RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) should be handled in accordance with the general requirements for transportation, storage, and use of industrial chemicals.
Packaging and storage
Lubricating additive for drilling fluids RS-201 (ST-7 Horizon) is supplied in steel or polyethylene drums in accordance with GOST 13950-91 (100 or 200 liters). Four drums are placed on pallets and additionally secured with fastening tape.
Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.