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Low-viscosity base oil for hydrocarbon muds RS-230 (REABASE/REASIN)
Low-viscosity base oil for hydrocarbon muds RS-230 (REABASE/REASIN)

Low viscosity base oil RS-230 is a blended product made from narrow fraction hydrocarbons with additives of various functions. The product has adjustable kinematic viscosity whithin the set technological limits (1.5 to 7.5 cSt), as well as low content of aromatics, high flash point temperature and low freezing temperature. Flexible production technology allows to quickly change process parameters of base oil depending on the reqirements of the drilling technology and specific geologic and technical conditions.

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Scope of use and application
RS-230 is used as a hydrocarbon base in the technology of preparing heat-resistant invert emulsion drilling fluids. RS-230 allows the preparation of invert drilling fluids with a flat rheological flow profile, which ensures high technical and technological parameters of drilling in difficult geological conditions, especially in conditions of narrow ranges of regulation of the equivalent circulating density, and prevents loss of stability when drilling in shale rocks, and also prevents loss of drilling fluid due to hydraulic fracturing of poorly cemented formations. Optimally selected synergistic properties of the PS-510 emulsifier and the PS-230 hydrocarbon base are achieved by the most effective parameters of the emulsion, such as high stability, minimum viscosity at a high water-carbon ratio and flat rheological profile.
The high flash point ensures full compliance of the prepared invert drilling fluid with industrial and fire safety requirements in oil and gas industry.
RS-230 is highly effective for preparation of "oil in water" emulsions of different purposes. RS-230 is effective for preparation of oil-based well-killing fluids and breakdown fluids .
Toxicity and handling requirements
Low-viscosity base oil RS-230 (REABASE) belongs to the 4th hazard class (not a hazardous substance), the drilling mud and cuttings of the drilling mud prepared on its basis correspond to the 4th class according to biotesting.
Packaging and storage
RS-230 is supplied in tanks by auto and railway transport. Upon customers request, it is possible to supply the product in metal/plastic drums with a capacity of 100 liters or more, plastic IBC-containers in metal crates with a capacity of 1m3, flexitanks or any other container permitted for transportation in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for this type of transport.