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Fatty acid ester RS-240
Fatty acid ester RS-240

Ester RS-240 is a fatty acid ester obtained as result the reaction of re-esterification of vegetable oils or animal fats with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. RS-240 is effective as a base for preparing environmentally safe non-toxic biodegradable invert emulsions. RS-240 undergoes almost complete bio degradation in soil or water within a month.
RS-240 is oily liquid colored from light yellow to brown with various shades.


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Scope of use and application
Ester RS-240 is intended to be used as a lubricating additive for diesel fuel, for preparation oа lubricating additives for various purposes, chemical raw material, base oil for "water in oil" and "oil in water" drilling muds, and many more.
Toxicity and handling requirements
Ester RS-240 is a low-hazard liquid and belongs to the IV hazard class substances according to GOST 12.1.007.
Packaging and storage
Ester RS-240 is supplied in crated flow bins. Flow bins have increased reliability of transportation and storage. Structural geometry of flow bins ensures high load and minimum residual content when emptying the tank.
It is possible to supply ester RS-240 in tank trucks, IBC-tanks or any other type of containers permitted for transportation in accordance with the regulations in force for this type of transport.