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Cutting fluid (emulsol) for shutter forms RS-250 concenrate
Cutting fluid (emulsol) for shutter forms RS-250 concenrate

Emulsol RS-250 is a combination of high-quality mineral oils and an additive package of protective and cleaning properties. It is possible to manufacture and supply a lighter summer version of emulsol - RS-251, which is a ready-made sedimentation-stable water-oil emulsion prepared using a special technology that provides economical consumption, easy application and high technical and technological properties.


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Scope of use and application
Emulsol RS-250 is designed for shutter forms of any complexity (high, vertical, cassete type, for carious shapes) from such materials as wood, plastic, laminated plywood, PU, as well as for manufacturing of reinforced concrete products, monolithic housing construction, construction of bridges, tunnels and is used when shaped molding in especially difficult climatic conditions for separating from porous concrete, foam and aerated concrete in steel, wooden or plastic-coated shutter froms outdoors and in manufacturing facilities.
Due to the use of emulsol, the process of separating the formwork from the reinforced concrete structure is facilitated, its technical service life is extended, and the overall quality of the product is also improved.
Toxicity and handling requirements
In terms of the degree of impact on the human body, according to GOST 12.1.007 Emulsol belongs to the 4th class of hazard and toxicity with maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of hydrocarbon vapors in the air of the working area 900/300 mg /m3.
Packaging and storage
Emulsol is packed into clean dry container with tigh fitting lids.
Emulsol is supplied in steel or polyethylene drums with a capacity of 200 liters and more. Four drums are placed on pallets and additionally secured with fastening tape. The transport container must be sealed.
It is possible to supply Emulsol in automobile or railway tanks or any containers of any capacity, permitted for storage and transportation of mineral oil-based products with added high molecular weight organic compounds.
Containers should not be filled more than 95% of their total volume.