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Corrosion inhibitor REARUST RS-421
Corrosion inhibitor REARUST RS-421

Inhibitor RS-421 is a watersoluble corrosion inhibitor, specifically design for the oil industry in order to provide protection from corrosion due to CO2 and/or H2S presence.
The RS-421 inhibitor is a composition of fatty acids in a mixture of solvents: methanol-water. Inhibitor RS-421 is designed to protect metal surfaces of oilfield equipment and pipelines of watered oil collection systems and reservoir pressure maintenance systems (RPM) in technological processes of oil production and transportation against corrosion.

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  • High film formation speed
  • No emulsion formation.
  • Stable at high temperatures and pressures.
  • High inhibitor efficiency, allowing to reduce dosages during application.
  • Compatible with other chemical products.
  • Low pour point.
Application technology
Most commonly, inhibitor RS-421 is injected continuously using a dosing pump. The dosage depends on corrosive tendency of the medium and is identified in the laboratory.
For oil pipeline systems, the dosage alters from 10 to 25 g/mg3 of the total liquid volume.
It is possible to apply RS-421 to treat the annular space of the wells equipeed with electrical centrifugal pump in order to protect subsurface equipment ( treatment once in 1-2 weeks)
Toxicity and handling requirements
According to GOST 12.1.007 RS-421 is considered a moderately hazardous substance and belong to 3 hazard class. Toxic, flammable liquid with a flash point of 6 to 12°C depending on the formulation. In terms of the degree of impact on the human body it belongs to the 3 hazard class substances according to GOST 12.1.007-76 (moderate hazard). Contact with this chemical may result in a local irritation of skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.
Packaging and storage
REARUST RS-421 is packed in plastic containers (vessels) with a capacity of 1m 3 or in plastic drums with a capacity 227 dm 3, and is transported by motor vehicles according to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road.
Store REARUST RS-421 in a closed warehouse of freight sender (receiver). Storage in semi-closed warehouses that block direct sunlight and precipitation is allowed for 1 month.