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Salting inhibitor REASOL RS-423
Salting inhibitor REASOL RS-423

The inhibitor is a composition of phosphorus- and amine-containing organic compounds in a mixture of solvents: methanol-water.
The inhibitor is designed to prevent the formation of hard mineral deposits, such as carbonates and sulfates of calcium and barium, in equipment during oil production, transportation and reservoir pressure maintenance systems.

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Scope of use
  • Protection of oilfield equipment from salt deposits.
  • Protection of water lines from salt deposits.
  • Excellent stability of the inhibitor over a wide pH range.
  • Compatability of the various dosage of the inhibitor with stratal water.
  • Compatibility of the inhibitor with other types of chemicals used in oil production.
  • Stability of the inhibitor at high temperatures and pressures.
  • High inhibitor efficiency, allowing to reduce dosages during application.
  • Low setting temperature of the inhibitor.
  • Solubility in water in any proportion.
Application technology
Salting inhibitor Reasol RS-423 is fed continuosly through a dosing pump into the system that needs to be protected. Note that the dosage of the inhibitor varies depending on system conditions and water characteristics. Alternatively, RS-423 can be dosed using batch treatment technology, by bulhead squeeze, by volumetric treatment, or by pouring into drilling sump. Average dosage varies from 5 to 20 g/m3 (preliminary testing required to specify). It is allowed to carry down RS-423 in containers.

Toxicity and handling requirements
RS-423 presents moderate hazard in terms of the degree of impact on the human body, according to GOST 12.1.007 it belongs to the 3d class of hazard and toxicity. RS-423 is a highly inflammable liquid. Its vapors form explosive mixtures with air. May be fatal if swallowed or enters airways. The product can cause irritation on skin contact. Vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness.
Packaging and storage
REASOL RS-423 is transported by filling tank vessels equipped with bottom drains that are a property freight sender (receiver) or under lease in accordance with the "Rules for the carriage of bulk cargo by rail in tank cars and bunker-type cars for the transportation of oil bitumen".
REASOL RS-423 is packed in plastic containers (vessels) with a capacity of 1m 3 and is transported by motor vehicles according to the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road.
Store REASOL RS-423 in a closed warehouse of freight sender (receiver). Storage in semi-closed warehouses that block direct sunlight and precipitation is allowed for 1 month.