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Universal reagent to prevent coal freezing RS-441
Universal reagent to prevent coal freezing RS-441

RS-441 is a specially selected aqueous composition of inorganic electrolytes with stabilizing and water-retaining additives of macromolecular compounds. RS-441 does not cause corrosion of carriages, tanks and vessels, the product is non-toxic, explosion and fire-proof, does not affect quality of coal; categorized as class 4 hazard.
RS-441 is applied to prevent freezing of loose substances, ensuring cost-effective protection of coal, ore and other granular materials from freezing. Suitable for use in sorting yards, mines, conveyor lines and other places where materials are exposed to sub-zero temperatures. It has a low freezing point and not only prevents the freezing of bulk materials at temperatures up to 45 degrees below zero, but also causes the substance to melt until the ice crystals dissolve.

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