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Mud emulsifier for invert emulsions RS-510, RS-511
Mud emulsifier for invert emulsions RS-510, RS-511

Emulsifier RS-510 is a solution of esters of higher unsaturated fatty acids with the addition of modifying components. RS-510 is highly effective for preparing emulsions of wide range of application (some types of cutting tool lubricants, emulsified bituminous liquids, lubricants for shutter forms to be used in summer or winter conditions etc.).
RS-510 is applied for preparation of light-weight well-killing emulsions for well-servicing, as well as emulsions for hydrolic well-fracturing. The product ensures high sedimentative stability of emulsion.
RS-511 is widely used as highly effective heat-resistant emulsifier for invert emulsion solutions, formulations of personal care products, as additives in road construction, in formulations of corrosion inhibitors
for oil refining and oil production.

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Scope of use and application
Toxicity and handling requirements
Emulsifiers belong to the 3 hazard class substances according to GOST 12.1.007, contact with such chemical may result in a local irritation of skin and eyes. Self-ifgnition temperature point of RS-510 is at least 300°С.
Packaging and storage
Emulsifiers are supplied in steel or polyethylene drums with a capacity of 100 liters and more. Four drums are placed on pallets and additionally secured with fastening tape.
Store it in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight