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Collecting agent for nonsulfidic ores floatation RS-530 FOMOL
Collecting agent for nonsulfidic ores floatation RS-530 FOMOL

Collecting agent RS-530 (Fomol) is a floatation collector for nonsulfidic ores. RS-530 (Fomol) is a mineral collector, consisting sodium salts, natural vegetable fatty acids with addition of resin acids
and sodium alkyl sulfate, with specific functions due to the presence of sterically hindered phenol.

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Scope of use and application
Collecting agent RS-530 (Fomol) is used as a collector of mineral floatation for selective collection of the following minerals: barite (BaS04) especially when linking together with calcite (СаС03), silica (Si02) and in cases when the ore has high content of clay fraction, celestine (SrS04), calcium sulphate (CaS04, 2H20), kainite (KCI.MgS04.3H20), anhydrate (CaS04), anglesite (PbS04), tinstone (Sn02), fluor calcareous (CaF2), and coal.
Rs-530 (Fomol) is effective in pH range 9-10. The quality of the collector is improved by adjusting the pH with soda ash and rock depression with sodium silicate. PC-530 is extremely selective for barite. The product shows low collective activity towards silica and calcite. This chemical is useful in cases when the abovementioned minerals are combined and the ore has a high content of clay fraction. Optimal consumption of RS-530 (Fomol) is 250 - 800 g/t,depending on specific flotation conditions

Toxicity and handling requirements
In terms of the degree of impact on the human body RS-530 (Fomol) belongs to the 4th class of hazard.
Use appropriate PPE when working with RS-530: goggles, coveralls, boots, gloves.
Packaging and storage
Collecting agent RS-530 (Fomol) is supplied in polyethtlene wide-neck drums with a capacity of 200 liters and more. Store in production containers out of direct sunlight. 10% solution of Fomol can be stored for 3 days, provided that the storage temperature does not exceed 50°C.