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White spirit
White spirit

White spirit (Nefras S4-155/200) is a mixed petroleum-based solvent, manufactured as per technical specification.

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Scope of use and application
White spirit is used as solvent in painting: for alkyd enamels and varnishes, oil paints, resin and bituminous materials. White spirit is a high-boiling gasoline fraction that doesn't contain watersoluble acids and alkalis. It helps to achieve desried characteristics of quality of coating when used to dilute paints and varnishes.
Toxicity and handling requirements
White spirit (Nefras S4-155/200) is flammable. When working with this solvent, fire safety measures must be strictly observed, as well as personal protection measures from inhaled vapors and from contact with the skin of the hands. Wear chemical-resistant gloves and coveralls when handling this material.
Packaging and storage
White spirit is produced in industrial containers, in glass or plastic bottles of various capacity. Use of glass bottles for food liquids is not allowed for retail packaging of white spirit.White spirit intended for retail is packaged in glass bottles and flasks with a capacity of 0.25-1.00 dm3 and in bottles (with a gap) with a capacity of 0.25-0.50 dm3, closed with polyethylene plugs. Bottles and flasks are packed in wooden, polymer or carton boxes. It is allowed, upon agreement with the consumer, to use other types of containers in accordance with regulatory and technical documentation that ensure the safety of the product. Storage: store white spirit at -40°С to +30°С temperature.